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Snow Wax Nonstick Coating

Snow Wax is a formulation of silicone and other proprietary ingredients that deposit a molecular protective film to the surface being treated. Snow slides off fast allowing removal with less fuel and less wear on equipment. This highly slippery formula protects all metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. Snow Wax is ideal for snow plows, loaders, truck beds, snow blowers, shovels and satellite dishes. It can be used to stop accumulations on vertical surfaces. Use freely to avoid corrosion and allow easy snow removal. Excellent for all lawn mowers as well to keep grass clippings from adhering to decks and blades! Great all around protective coating that prevents sticking of unwanted debris.

  • Reduced friction saves fuel
  • Creates a hard slippery surface
  • Impervious silicone layer protects all metals from corrosion and rust
  • Saves winter wear on equipment
  • Dries in 30 minutes to a hard slippery and protective coat
  • Excellent protective coating for Satellite dishes!


Aerosol MSDS

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Snow Wax Nonstick Coating
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