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North Woods Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

North Woods provides cleaning and maintenance products to keep every facet of your business and home clean and safe. Browse our vast product selection on the left.

Not sure where to start?

Find the best suited environmentally friendly cleaning product for your particular cleaning need for home or industrial use by browsing some of our suggested products below.

Cleaning Products for Healthcare

Here are some suggested products to designed for healthcare use

Contagious Disease Prevention

Keep your family, employees and visitors healthy. These products help you prevent the spread of contageous diseases such as H1N1.

Cleaning Supplies for Schools

Nothing is more important than the health, welfare and the ultimate well begin of our children. Clean, germ free and aesthetically appealing schools help our kids and teachers be their best. View our suite of suggested products for schools.

Cleaning Products for Home

Only the finest environmentally safe products should be used in your home. Here are some suggested products for most common home cleaning needs.


Keep your employees and customers safe while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your facility. These products hand picked by our supermarket cleaning specialist will help you keep your establishment clean and safe.