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Solvent Free Cleaning

Industrial Solvent Free Cleaning

In a world full of toxins, hazardous chemicals, and the vast health issues created by them – solvent free cleaning should be an easy choice to make. Our solvent free replacement products will not reduce performance, in many cases they actually work better than their solvent counterparts (click for demo), and they will save you money. Most importantly of all, they will not cause irreparable harm to your body like solvents can and they are completely safe for the environmentSolvent free cleaning – it’s just the right thing to do.

Our line up Solvent Free Cleaners

Aqua Blast Solvent Free Cleaner for Industrial, Automotive or Aircraft Component Cleaning

aqua-blast0315.jpgAqua Blast is an inhibited, mildly alkaline solution for maintenance and production cleaning of industrial, automotive, and aircraft components. It’s food safe for conveyor type washers as well. It’s designed for use in cabinet systems, jet and conveyor type washers, and for immersion cleaning equipment. Safe for use in food processing plants.


Aqua Kleen Solvent Free Grease and Carbon Deposits Cleaner

aqua-kleen0315.jpg Fantastic for spray & wipe removal of insects, exhaust, oil and soot on plane exteriors. Replaces solvents in parts washers. Water based concentrate – dilution depends on application. Mild pH of 8.5 in concentrate, virtually neutral in dilution.



Aqua Supreme Solvent Free Cleaner

aqua-supreme0315.jpgRevolutionary solvent free grease, ink, and adhesive remover. Cleans like a solvent, yet
is water based. Clean ink, other organic soils & grease. Nontoxic, biodegradable,& nonflammable.


Big Green GC

big-green-gc0315.jpgEnvironmentally safe, extreme concentration, detergent compression technology.


Healthy Hands Solvent Free Rugged Hands & Skin Cleaner

healthy-hands-rugged0315.jpgRevolutionary solvent free heavy duty skin cleanser. Solvent free heavy duty hand cleaner that performs as well as solvent based products. Moisturizes and prevents dermatitis.




Healthy Hands Solvent Free Total Body Skin Cleanser

healthy-hands-total0315.jpgRevolutionary solvent free total body cleanser. Designed to be healthy for your hands and skin. Cleans, refreshes, and leaves skin and hair soft.




Sparkling Green

sparkling-green0315.jpgCleans tough soil, dirt, carbon, and greasy deposits. Leaves no film or residue behind. Outperforms hazardous cleaners.



Swipes Hand Wipes

swipes0315.jpgDeep cleans hands removing tough grease, tar, and ink. Moisturizes, and refreshes. Contains no harmful solvents.



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See Our Solvent Free Cleaners in Action

Don't take our word for how well our products work. See before and after cylinder head image below:

Engine block before and after

Check out our product demo at EAA 2014

Check out our parts washers in action

To order the parts washers that are used with solvent free cleaners, please click here.

Customer Testimonials

See what one of our new customers who used the product to clean the WWII TBM Avenger had to say.