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North Woods, An Envoy Solutions Company

Since our inception in 1964, doing what’s right, our unwavering commitment to our customers and mother nature has guided our company. We’ve joined Envoy Solutions, a specialized distributor and solution provider in jan-san, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution.

Envoy Solutions is a specialized distributor and solution provider serving the U.S. market through a family of the nation’s best distributors including North American, WAXIE, SEPG, Daycon, PJP, North Woods, Johnston, Next-Gen, Janitor's Closet, Swish White River, Valley Janitor Supply Company, Weiss Bros., General Chemical & Supply, Inc., The Enterprises, Delta Packaging & Supply, Bio-Shine, ATRA, Sigma Supply of North America, American Paper & Supply Company, United Packaging, NVISION and Hughes Enterprises. Our focus is in jan-san, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution. By combining our strengths, capabilities, and geographic footprint, and with the support of our parent company FEMSA – a global leader in production, retail, and logistics – we’re well-positioned as the premier specialty distribution platform in the United States.



Commitment to you

We're committed to providing you environmentally safe, and effective cleaning, maintenance & sanitation solutions that reduce total operating costs. We’re passionate about what we do, it shows in our products, service, and support. 

We care about your satisfaction before, during, and after your purchase. Our dedicated sales consultants, customer support personnel and service technicians are there to help you from picking the right product, to helping you solve your toughest maintenance issues.

Commitment to our planet

We care about our environment. We better - our family, children, and pets lives depend upon it. Since the inception of our North Woods® product line in 1982 - we have been striving to bring health, sanitation, and maintenance products to a new standard never before seen. This was long before green became trendy, but it was the right thing to do. We continue to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning products by always looking for better alternatives to harsh chemicals.

It's The Dawn Of New Ideas. It's what motivates us to better ourselves in every phase of our operation. We believe the best of times for your family, our Company, for the United States of America, and this planet lie before us. 

Serving you through this pandemic, and the next

Thank you for your support and patience through the COVID-19 pandemic.