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Is There An Answer To Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are in the news daily. They are not only a health hazard, but an expensive embarrassment as well. The cost of ridding your house, hotel, office, or apartment building of these pests can be staggering – and their spread is prolific. So even if you treat one area, they’re likely to just move to another area causing a vicious cycle of retreatment. Excessive heat treatments or toxic pest sprays are costly, ineffective, and pose a severe health hazard to humans and pets. However, up until now, these have been the only answer.

North Woods® has just introduced a natural, nontoxic, biodegradable solution to this problem. It’s called Sweet Dreams. This pleasantly fragranced, all natural product can be sprayed in any area and on virtually any surface. Its non-staining, water based formula cannot be detected by humans or animals – yet it is extremely lethal to bed bugs, cockroaches, and other troublesome insects. It kills insects on contact, and continues killing them for an additional 30 days afterward. Sweet Dreams is an unparalleled weapon in the war against bed bugs.

Used properly, and repetitiously, it could very well put an end to this embarrassing and costly health hazard once and for all.