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Solvents Pose Severe Health and Environmental Risks

All across the nation, Company’s and individuals continue to assess their use of solvents and there impact upon their health and the environment. Once thought to be relatively benign, their use is now under scrutiny as mounting evidence shows they are leading contributors to cancer, kidney and liver disease, respiratory illness, and a host of other preventable conditions.

Their environmental impact has been equally frightening. Vast communities find themselves unable to drink solvent tainted water supplies. The government, realizing the detrimental effects on air quality, has also imposed surcharges on VOC’s and other hazardous solvent airborne emissions. The cost to this country is staggering, and saddening. Especially since there are safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective alternatives.

North Woods® has a product, Aqua Kleen, that can virtually replace any solvent use. It’s nontoxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe, nonflammable, and capable of replacing virtually any solvent laden chemistry. It does not cause severe epidermal drying like solvents – yet gives solvent like performance. It can be used neat for extreme conditions, or diluted for greater economy. Used in a heated aqueous parts washer, it delivers results once considered impossible by anything other than solvents.